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Thing for watching FGTVEE or DanTDM apparently

This has been SOLD

Lookie here! We’re letting go of the old toddler iPads! These have been in my workshop for several years with that “I’ll figure out a use for these someday “ mentalities, well I didn’t. So I’m dumping them cheap!

They’ve been recently reset, and disinfected, and are ready to get reintroduced to peanut butter and Cheetos powder! If you have kiddos that will be glued to your hip while adjusting to remote work, these things may be awesome to snatch up! They’re not the fastest, or newest, but they are in perfect working order for iPad 2’s (16Gb wifi: model A1395), they’ll run the YouTube’s, Netflix, and some games to entertain your offspring!

Hit me up, on Slack, or yell out of your window and see if that gets my attention (it likely will not, but it’d be fun to imagine).