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Spark Camera Remote

Control your Canon camera with your phone (iOS & Android, sorry Microsoft peeps)!

There are many options out there for remote triggering a camera, this one happens to be pretty reasonable for you to pick up! And a big bonus is, this will give your camera the ability to do time lapse, yeah, Canon just never puts an intervalometer in their cameras?! Sure, you could accomplish this with Magic Lantern but some people just don’t want to chance bricking their camera I guess.

At any rate, this is a fantastic little unit with some great specs!


  • External triggering
  • Long exposure (go beyond that 30 second cap)
  • HDR bracketing
  • Photo booth mode (for those cray cray parties)
  • 2000+ hours of use (currently around 2 hours used)

Retails: $75, so you could save like $35!
Price: $40 (Or Bestest Offers)