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Here’s a pretty fun machine I have not used much, turns out that it’s just not big enough for my current needs, but this may just be perfect for you! With a little over 20 hours runtime, this thing is very near new.

It’s like a 3D printer but in reverse! You can mill acrylics, hardwoods, and even aluminum (aluminum is a bit lengthier a process and requires some lubrication along the way so your mill doesn’t get too hot). Heck, speaking of 3D Printers you could 3D print something, then mill it down to nothing if you really wanted to. I’ll also toss in a few different end mills!

Working Example (not mine)

Features at a Glance

  • Working area is about 12” by 12” by 2.5”
  • Open front and back for loading in longer pieces of material
  • Quiet cut spindle
  • Dual-drive motors on the Y axis, standard
  • Double width Makerslide on the Y-axis for added stiffness and strength
  • Redesigned Z-axis for added stiffness and easier tool changes
  • Wasteboard is integrated with the machine
  • Belt system keeps teeth cleaner and reduces skipping

Retails: $1100, so you could save like $300!